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Cooking is my passion. I believe food is one of the most amazing aspects of human life. I have traveled across the world and was blessed to try various food from different cultures. I get a watery mouth even thinking about it. Those dishes became part of my family culture and it gives me great pleasure when I see my friends and families enjoying something I made for them. Hope you all will enjoy it as well! Every week I wil add new dish to the menu.
45 min € 2,50 Min € 15,00
Papa's classics Back to childhood Chickenlicious
  • Mutter Paneer by Papa Shailesh
    € 16,50

    Delicious and soft homemade cheese with fresh peas. One of the most popular Indian vegetarian dish. Are you vegan? No problem.

  • Mama's Lamb Dish
    € 20,50

    I grew up with this dish. I used to go with my mom to the market and the butcher to get the ingredients and meat. I always used to day dream way back home. It’s my mama’s recipe, packed with flavour, combining green chillies, garam masala and cardamom pods. Spicy Level: 2 Green Chillies

  • Uncle's Biryani
    € 17,50

    There used to be a small food truck across where I used to live when I was young. Sometimes, he would let me try some kind of mix of chicken with rice. Oh boy, it’s one of my favourite childhood memory! It’s a combination of rice with meat or vegetables packed with flavour of fresh lemon, onions, garlic, ginger, fresh mint and yogurt. I went to meet that uncle to get this recipe. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  • Chicken Dilruba
    € 18,50

    Dilruba means beloved. I love to make this dish when my wife is in a different mood. And she loves it. It’s a medium spicy chicken curry with fresh vegetables. Little bit of freshly squeezed lemon gives that perfect tantalising taste. Spicy Level: One Green Chilli

  • Creamy Royal Kurma Chicken
    € 18,50

    Are you also misinformed that Indian food is spicy? Try this sweet and creamy chicken dish. It’s made with freshly made tomato sauce, coconut cream, shredded coconuts, almonds and raisins. It’s a lot of calories. But hey, you are going to the gym later right?